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◆ Storage Type Tent
Tent Structure Facility

Various combinations available
Storage Type Tent  Tent Structure Facility
A soft, house-type tent creates
a new multi-use space.
Designed for safety by a first class architect. Covering material is durable, high quality and water proofed to withstand strong winds, heavy rain and other weather challenges.
Choice of Set-up
Tailor-made design and installation adapt to your purpose and locations. 
The unique pipe-structure makes possible quick assembly, transfer or disassembly. 
This type of tent-house, with its easy installation construction, is durable and easy to repair and maintain.

Storage Type Tent

Open/Close Tent NIZOROE Tent
(storage tent designed for loading/unloading area)
Factory Facility

Event Site Cart parking

Covering Type Building
The glass fiber coated tetrafluoroethylen resin, called A-type covering, is widely used for roofing at baseball fields and other public facilities.

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Various Combinations
Explore our convenient, wide range of choices, and our unique Clamp model’s low construction cost.
For temporary storage, street stalls, event occasions, carports.

Corner joints

Flange joints

2P〜5P joints

1P joints
With useful combinations of four different types of clamps and lightweight scaffolding, you can choose the right combination to suit your specific needs.
Clamp Tent

Pipe 48.6×1.8   Clamp FCAD900-8

Installation Instructions
Insert pipe into clamp. Assemble framework. Spread covering material, and affix to framework. Finished!

Typical uses
General storage, special events gardens street stalls
material storage and more.
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