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Ÿ@Medical and Emergency Housing Tents

Ÿ@Medical Tent

Ÿ@Uni-fold Shelter

Ÿ@An emergency rest room

Medical and Emergency Housing Tents
A tent for emergencies, such as hospital buildings collapsing due to large-scale earthquakes, is ideal for emergency supplies, shelters for evacuees or temporary emergency hospital facilities.

E The simple structure is easy to assemble. Its aluminum framework is light weight and compact in design.
E Piles and fastening ropes are included with the standard set for windy conditions.
E Covering material is durable polyester.
JIFF NHK crew who report on the clinic in Kabul, Afghanistan

This type of tent was donated to Afghanistan as part of the Support Afghanistan Project 2002, and has been used as a clinic in Kabul.

iUnit m/mj
@ frontage depth height
to eave
G-1 3,500 7,000 2,000 24.5m2
G-2 5,000 10,000 2,000 50.0m2
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Medical Tent(Japan Tent Industrial Union Version)
A tent for emergency medical care under extreme circumstances such as hospital collapse due to natural disasters.


@ frontage depth height to eave square measure maximum capacity of beds
Type I 7,500 6,000 2,100 45m2 10°
Type II 5,000 6,000 2,100 30m2 6°
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Uni-fold Shelter
It is ideal for the shelter of evacuated offices or emergency hospital facilities in disastrous circumstances.
Quick and easy set-up, light- weight and compact. It is durable and can be used repeatedly. Zippered open/close doors are located in front and back.

Set-up Time for Two Persons approximately one minute
Time to pack into case approximately one minute
Maximum snow
load on covering
Material Polypropylene/nylon
Suggested temperature
range for usage
Storage Case Dimensions 1.8m~1.8m~0.6m

@@One minute later
@ Storage Case Dimensions
It is equipped with a carrying handle for easy portability. Durable nylon material.

Starting Point@@Twenty seconds later    
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An emergency rest room
Under severe conditions, such as after a natural disaster, toilet usage can be a challenge. It is recommended to prepare supplies ahead of time in a storage box and install a slop pail under the ground beforehand.
Easy to assemble by oneself!
Light weight, compact design

Entrance/exit openings are zippered and made of mesh material for ventilation.

Storage W200~D1200~H120
Set up W1200~D1200~H2000
weight 12kg
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A foldable guard-box type tent is essential under emergency conditions. For guard service on the streets after a natural disaster, this tent provides shelter from sudden weather changes. Easy, one person set-up and storage.
Set W750~D650~H2180
Weight 13.8kg

Aluminum framework is linked to form one body for easy set-up. It can be set horizontally even on un-even ground, as the tent pole lengths are adjustable. It comes complete with a carrying case, and can be stored in an automobile trunk.
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